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Calling all Poets!

Calling all poets (photo by Jason Rosewell)I receive dozens of poems from women (and a few men) each month and I have not been able to share them all with readers. My goal is to share one poem submission weekly on my blog under category/tag Poetry.

When submitting a poem for consideration you are stating that you are the author and I have permission to post it elsewhere and to use it in future posts.


I have personally found that writing poetry as well as reading poetry from others
can really help turn around a bad day.

I know for sure that poetry helped me heal from horrific violence and pain, it has helped me get or stay inspired, focused and just grateful after reading a certain poem, I know it can help you too.

By sharing your poetry you could be helping someone else who feels alone and needs to feel connected and heard. I had often heard from others that a certain poem was exactly how they had been feeling but were not able to express to another, that to me is the perfect compliment and much of why I write at all, to know I have helped someone.

Someday, your poem may be the only thing that gets someone through the day.

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It should go without saying (but I must) I am honored you would share your email and will never ever share it with anyone or sell it for any reason. Relationships are built on trust and this is my pledge to you.

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You must be the author of the poem. By submitting your poem you are giving me permission to share it here and in other writing. I appreciate that you are sharing this with me. Please include your website or blog in this submission, if your poem is posted I will include your name and website or blog.
You must be the author of the poem, you can type anonymous only if you are the author.
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