Penny for your thought, nickel for your dreams photo by Kelli Stirrett

Creative ways to help your children learn to set goals – one penny at a time, grab free worksheets to help them succeed

This is a simple, yet effective goal setting project which is great for children of any age.  The goal is to fill a container with pennies fast as possible. Click here for a Free Goal & Progress Workbook and Checklists for you and your children.

Step 1: 
To help your child earn rewards for working towards their goals first help them find a clear container.  Try to find something that is around the size of a small coffee can.  I find that a plastic kool-aid container works best as the cover is easy to take off and put back on and the size is perfect for this goal setting project as they will see results quickly. For younger children go with the smallest container you can, it fills quicker and will motivate them.

Step 2:
You do not have to do this step but it is fun so why not go the extra mile, after all we are working on goals so let’s make it special.  Have your child decorate the container with stickers and anything else that will motivate them to fill it with pennies.  Your child will be writing on the container so either place a label on it or use a permanent marker and have your child write their name and the word Goals, for example: Rebecca’s Goals!

Do NOT cut a slit in the top of the container because I want your child to remove the top every-time they deposit a penny. Having to take the time to remove the cover each time will embed this process/feeling of working towards a goal.  I want your child to focus on how they feel inside as they get closer to filling the container and reaching a goal.

Penny for your thought, nickel for your dreams photo by Kelli Stirrett
BIG SECRET:  The way your child feels perusing a goal is more important than reaching the actual goal!

I encourage you to have your child begin a goal setting journal at a young age. Years later they will look back with amazement at the goals they have already reached.  If children start writing down their goals when they are young, it will become a lifelong habit that can benefit them always. Select from a line of unique children’s journals by clicking on the following link:  Journals for everyone along with other inspirational products to inspire children and adults.

Step 3:
For each day that your child spends 15 minutes on a specific goal have them deposit 1 penny into the container.  If they spend 15 minutes on all 3 of their top goals they will deposit 3 pennies.  If they spend 30 minutes on one goal they will deposit 2 pennies.  At the end of the day they will deposit 1 penny for every 15 minutes they spend on a goal.

When the Goal Jar is full, empty out all the pennies and help your child add them up.  Next write the total on a piece of paper and put the piece of paper into the bottom of the container and start the process over.  This process will become addictive and your child will want to see the pennies add up all over again.

My only request is that you share this information with your family and friends.  Encouraging each other will make this a fun, creative way to set goals for the entire family.  By the way, this tool works for big kids and adults too.  If you want to really motivate yourself deposit a dollar in place of a penny so that when you reach a goal you can reward yourself for a job well done.

Click here for a Free Goal & Progress Workbook and Checklists for you and your children.

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