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Ask ReBecca was created to answer questions I have been asked over the years through comments and emails. While I have answered many of them I have always wanted to dedicate more time and attention to your questions.

With 54 years of life experience which includes 20 + years coaching I have been giving advice long before I realized it, most of it was sought, some, maybe not.

I will select one submission a week and post my response under category, Ask ReBecca in my blog.

Why should you spend your precious time reading through my site or seeking my advice? I have walked in your shoes and worn them out and am now on the other side of many of the struggles that may have brought you to this site seeking advice about self-help, depression, domestic violence to sharing your writing to blogging or just life in general.

I am honest and will not pretend that my life is perfect and only share appropriate happy moments, I promise to be real and authentic. While I don’t have a degree or any professional credibility on the wall, I talk straight from the heart.

My goal isn’t to tell you what to do, but rather guide you towards finding solutions on your own.

My promise to you is to be kind and respectful while always being honest and to the point. I want you to live in the truth at all times, for without that, you are likely to repeat the past. A past you may have worked so hard to remove yourself from. While I will empathize with what you have been through and are dealing with I will never sugar coat things. It is what it is, I will do my best to offer you advice and resources to help you stay on track and make the changes you may need.

Please note when you submit a question you are automatically added to my mailing list, you will receive occasional tips and resources to promote your #1 business, You! I promise, I will not fill up your mailbox.

It should go without saying (but I must) I am honored you would share your email and will never ever share it with anyone or sell it for any reason. Relationships are built on trust and this is my pledge to you.

ReBecca Burns Empowering Women

I am a writer, dreamer and true believer that you change your life by changing your focus. I search the web day and night to bring you access to Motivational & Inspirational Resources to Promote & Market your #1 Business – YOU!

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